Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tales of D Wing -- Part II

From the retirement dinner for Bob Youngquist at Disney, December 15, 1970. From left to right: Phil Meador, Ruth Tompson, Jim Swain, Fred Hellmich, Dick Lucas, Chuck Williams, Pat Lestina, Sylvia Niday, Barbara Orum, Bud Hester. More here, here and here.

Mr. Hester spent most of his creative life with the Mouse, but he spent one year away from the Burbank studio, working for Bob Clampett ...

TAG Interview with Bud Hester

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"Clampett ran a great studio," Bud remembers. "We had to produce seventy-five feet of animation a week, but we had fun doing it. Bob had a fire bell that went off at every break, and a lot of the guys had toy pistols strapped to their belts, creeping around corners and drawing down on other artists also wearing pistols ..."


Floyd Norman said...

I actually could name all the people at the table. If you can do that it means you're really, really old.

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