Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Conversation with Bob Givens -- Part II

Mr. Givens believes (as do other animation vets) that it's important to get the unvarnished history of animation out, no matter how much it conflicts with the accepted story ...

TAG Interview with Bob Givens

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Above: Art Leonardi and Bob Givens.

Bob points out, for example, that three individuals were responsible for the birth of Bugs Bunny, and Chuck Jones was not one of them. He also notes Bugs was not lifted from Disney's Tortoise and the Hare, despite stories to the contrary. "I was there," he says. "I ought to know."


Anonymous said...

Another great interview Steve-my favorite one. I love these guys and would love to meet them. Are they accessible in any way? Either way, thanks for these interviews. I especially love listening to the unsung heros like Bob and Art who tell it like it is-forget all the revisionist history! It is so refreshing to hear the truth from people who were actually there whom I admire and who have affected my life in a big way. Love these guys!


Steve Hulett said...

The interviews will keep coming.

But be forewarned that there might be a gap as I will be on vacation soon and there are only so many hours in the day.

Glad you like them.

Thad said...

Interesting on Chuck Jones, because as far back as 1969 he told Michael Barrier that while a rabbit called Bugs Bunny may have appeared in "Elmer's Candid Camera", the actual Bugs Bunny did not originate until Tex Avery's picture. Besides, I thought it was Bob Clampett who made the claims of holding Tex's hand through the production of "A Wild Hare" (all while B.C. was working in another building on his own pictures).

Anonymous said...

Success has a thousand parents. Failure is an orphan.

Anonymous said...

how old is Bob?

Chris Sobieniak said...

I guess the last thing Bob did for Chuck he couldn't remember the title for was "Timber Wolf", a flash-based webtoon from a decade ago.

Overall, quite a cool interview with such an old-time legend.

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