Monday, April 04, 2011

The Many Storyboards of Sharon Forward -- Part I

TAG Interview with Sharon Forward

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Sharon Forward never contemplated a career in animation, but after graduating from Long Beach State University with a degree in fine arts, she found herself applying for work at a cartoon studio in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. It's name was Filmation, and decades of story work at nearly every animation studio in Los Angeles followed ....

Sharon, a recipient of an Annie for her storywork, today works for Disney Television Animation. She explains how she got started in Part I of our newest TAG interview.


Anonymous said...

Today is a National Day of Action for Pro Union Jobs. Events are planned across the country on this anniversary of Martin Luther King's death. I am disappointed to see no announcement of our unions support of this day.

Steven Kaplan said...

Today, the AFL-CIO has declared a Nationwide Day of Action and Solidarity against the right-wing attacks against the working class.

I received a call this morning and quickly added information to the front page of the website.

I also enjoyed Sharon's interview in the process.

Sharon Forward said...

I had fun. Thanks for the invitation, Steve. You're great at making people feel comfortable as they are being interviewed.

I remembered a few more women I worked with at Ruby-Spears doing boards: Jill Colbert, Debra Pugh and Viki Anderson. Great artists, all! I also knew of Pat Wong back then and 'Crystal'--. So we had a few brave and talented females doing storyboards in the 'way back'.

I invite more people to add to the list of early 'woman-boarders'. These are the few I remember before starting at Disney in '89.


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