Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Storyboards of Sharon Forward -- Part II

TAG Interview with Sharon Forward

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Although Sharon's career has focused on television, she has also worked on various features, Jungle Book 2 being but one example ...

She says she enjoys all the challenges that storyboarding presents. Although she was one of the few women working in production and storyboards back at the start of her career, she relates that she's never considered her gender to be a hindrance. "In the beginning, I had to learn to swear to fit in as one of the guys, but I'm not the shy and retiring type, so I've mostly gotten along fine ..."


Floyd Norman said...

I remember picking up storyboards from Sharon at Ruby Spears many years ago. I thought she was pretty cool and I wish I could have worked with her more often because she was not only talented, but delightful.

Anonymous said...

Sharon is one of the rare people to keep her humanity intact despite the long haul demands on her as both a creative and a management figure in this insane business.

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