Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Speculating About The Simpsons

(... and also other things.)

Today was Film Roman Day. Many Simpsons artists are on hiatus right now, but all about the studio, I listened to the following from those that weren't:

"... I've talked to a Fox executive, and their working to do a deal for another two or three years worth of shows, through Seasons 24 and 25 ..."

"... Gracie Films staff says that the odds are better than 50/50 there will be three more seasons. They've got to nail down deals with the voice actors. And they're gonna do another feature ..."

"... Fox hasn't been able to find a good replacement show for Simpsons. They can't put one of the McFarlane shows in the time slot, it's too raunchy. And The Simpsons still has good ratings. ..."


Me, I think the series will continue for awhile, because Murdoch's minions know that when they stop producing new episodes, but Yellow Family's empire and money machine will run down. Then there's this:

FOX ranked No.1 w/ help from 'American Idol'

FOX ranked No. 1 last week among Adults 18-49 and Adults 18-34 thanks to ratings gains by AMERICAN IDOL, FRINGE and THE SIMPSONS ... FOX's Sunday Animation block once again ranked #1 among young Adults and Teens. At 8pm THE SIMPSONS delivered a 2.8/8 among Adults 18-49, up +12% from its last original on 3/13/11 ...

To sum up: Fox's Sunday animated block delivers the night, and Ths Simpsons is the highest rated of the lot.

It's kind of hard to walk away from success like that. (Of course, if the vocal cast wants $2 million each per episode, maybe all bets are off.)

Another topic: Yours Truly recently hosted a shop steward lunch for our boots-on-the-ground at various fine, signator studios. And several stewards reported that some studios seem to be holding on to personnel, longer, what with all the flurry of projects. (Obviously this doesn't apply to every facility or every category, but I found it interesting that more than one steward mentioned that some folks were being held over. Any port in a storm, as the saying goes ...)


Anonymous said...

Any word on whether or not Bob's Burgers is getting renewed?

Steve Hulett said...

Nobody has told me, so it might be still up in the air.

Anonymous said...

Haven't watched the Simpsons in years. Have the character voices changed with the aging of the actors?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Gary Oldman now voices Bart.

Anonymous said...

It would be tough to fill that 8pm timeslot if Fox decides to cancel The Simpsons ( which I doubt they'll do: it's the most popular merch/dvd they have! ).

I just hope the voice actors won't get too greedy when they renew their contracts. Think of the animators! ;-)

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