Monday, April 18, 2011

Effects of Animation -- The Ted Kierscey Interview (Part I)

TAG Interview with Ted Kierscey

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Ted Kierscey won an art contest and a scholarship, met Walt Disney, and ... after a stint with Uncle Sam ... gained a job at Walt Disney Productions ....

Mr. Kierscey was the first of the new wave of Disney animation artists to be hired in the 1970s. (Above you will see a picture of Ted near the beginning of his tenure at the Mouse.) Animator Dale Baer remembers Ted doing a personal test for Goofy back in the day, but Ted's heart was in effects animation. He's spent most of his forty-plus years at Walt Disney Animation Studios as a master of that art.


Les Carpenter said...

Thanks so much... Ted is one of my favorite artist. I been wanting to hear his story for years... he should be a household name in animation with the likes of Glen Keane, Eric Goldberg or Andreas Deja.
He is a star in my eyes!....Les

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