Monday, December 03, 2012

Another Afternoon, coming up

Over the weekend, the steering committee for the Afternoon of Remembrance met to make plans for the next ceremony to honor veterans of the animation community who have passed on.

The next event, honoring those who have died in 2012, is tentatively scheduled for March 2, 2013 at the Hollywood Heritage Museum, across the street from the Hollywood Bowl.

At the meeting, we made plans to honor the following veterans, plus any others who pass away before December 31:

  • Frank Andrina
  • Dick Beals
  • Iris Beckerman
  • Lucille Bliss
  • Dave Borthwick
  • Jack Bosson
  • Richard "Kip" Carpenter
  • Ernie Chan
  • Kristine "Casey" Clayton
  • John Coates
  • Franco Cristofani*
  • Tissa David
  • Jim Duffy
  • Jake Eberts
  • Ethel Falkenberg
  • Jean "Moebius" Giraud
  • Karen Greslie
  • Jim Hiltz
  • Daphne Huntington*
  • Thomas Kinkade
  • Peter Kranjcevich
  • Joe Kubert
  • Bob Lambert
  • Ken Landau
  • Nancy McCullough*
  • Sheldon Moldoff
  • Conne Morgan
  • Mark Nelson
  • Margaret Nichols
  • Rod Parkes
  • Bretislav Pojar
  • Buzz Potamkin
  • Al Rio
  • Geri Rochon
  • Ken Sansom
  • Mary Sarbry
  • Maurice Sendak
  • Mel Shaw
  • José Silverio
  • Marcia Sinclair
  • Dan Thompson
  • Ken Walker
  • Manon Washburn
  • Run Wrake
  • Uvon Young

At this time we'd like your help. If you knew any of the people marked above with an asterisk (or knew someone who knew them), drop me a line if you're willing either to speak a three-minute tribute at the event, or write something to be read by someone else.

And let us know as well if there is anyone else who deserves to be on this list. Thanks, and hope to see you there!


Unknown said...
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Jeff Massie said...

Two more for the list: Fyodor Khitruk (who died yesterday), and Robert Sherman.

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