Saturday, December 29, 2012

Who's the Successor?

Speculation time.

[Disney's Robert Iger] is set to retire in 2015, and we're all waiting for a proper succession order. This will be big news ...

The choice here can move markets in the short term and mouse-shaped mountains in the long run. Obvious candidates for the CEO post include longtime right-hand man Tom Staggs, Pixar genius John Lasseter, and Marvel Entertainment chief Isaac Perlmutter. The recent acquisition of Lucasfilm also gives Hollywood legend Kathleen Kennedy an outside shot at the top Disney job, given her status as president of the Star Wars empire. Any of these would be excellent choices, and I wouldn't bet on Iger reaching for outside talent ...

My guess is it will be a safe, middle-of-the-road pick from inside Diz Co.'s corporate ranks. Somebody who wears an administrative hat, rather than a creative one.

Because that's the way our fine entertainment conglomerates roll.


Darrol said...

You are probably right.

I remember back when his retirement was announced. A friend joked that I should send in my resume and offer to shadow him in preparation to be a potential successor. Always curious as to what the response would have been.

Floyd Norman said...

If it's current day Disney then the choice should be either Chernabog or Malificent.

Then again, we might need someone a little tougher.

Anonymous said...

I know this is off topic but just as well ask it. When is the Annual Union party? Havent heard or seen a word of it this year.

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