Sunday, December 02, 2012

December Box Office in Foreign Lands

And the stats:

Premiering in 46 territories, Rise of the Guardians drew a mild-mannered $40 million overall playing at 8,708 locations in 55 markets. The film’s overseas gross total since its Nov. 16 foreign opening is $57 million.

The $145 million fantasy title recorded No. 1 bows in some 20 markets, as per Paramount, the biggest of which was France ($4.7 million at 620 sites) and Mexico ($3.7 million from 577 spots). ...

Hotel Transylvania grossed $3.5 million at 3,065 sites in 57 markets. The title’s foreign gross total stands at $152.8 accumulated since Sept. 27. A No. 2 Venezuela opening generated $675,000 at 105 sites. ...

Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph [has collected] $44 million; Universal’s ParaNorman, $43.2 million. ...

The worldwide totals for the above (plus a few more recent releases):

Brave -- $535.2 million

Hotel Transylvania -- $299.5 million

Madagascare 3 -- $740.5 million

ParaNorman -- $99 million

Rise of the Guardians -- $106 million

Wreck-It Ralph -- $202.3 million

Rise of the Guardians, opening under expectations for its first weekend in the U.S. and Canada, dropped less (43%) than any other domestic Top Ten holdover.


Unknown said...

I still don't understand how Ralph can be considered a slam-bang hit, when the only film it outgrossed on this list is Paranorman. Adding to this, Ralph's budget was above 120 million, (some websites say 150+ million,) and its American gross is just slightly higher than Chicken Little.

(...and yet Princess and the Frog was a "disapointment," even though it cost less, grossed more, and felt more like a Disney animated film?)

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