Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hollywood Accounting!

The time-honored Tinsel Town custom of doctoring the books goes back a long ways. And it still goes on with a carefree abandon.

You know the drill, no matter how much a blockbuster film makes, it somehow never turns a profit. And now there is a great new scam! Getting taxpayers to pay for your movie!

You want to laugh yourself sick, watch the first half of what Max Keiser unspools for us, directly below.

Many human beings have feet of clay. In a word, they're corrupt. And they go on being corrupt until a life-changing experience ... sometimes jail, sometimes bankruptcy, and very occasionally the Good Book ... makes them straighten up and fly right.

Above, Mr. Keiser focuses on the public-private corruption going on in Michigan. A Friend of the Blog likes to point out how corrupt Public Unions are, also a few private unions. Me, I like to point out that most institutions designed by upright mammals with opposable thumbs go to the Dark Side at one time or another. Banks cook the books with phoney interest rates (Libor, anyone?) and falsify mortgage documents. Movie studios deprive creators of profits by falsifying profit reports. Unions buy property they probably shouldn't.

My point here is, we can harp on some of the crookedness, or we can harp on the larger universe of corruption. I happen to think it's better to point out the wider spectrum of double-dealing. After all, we live in a fallen world. It's good to remember this.


Unknown said...

The alleged "job creators" bilk the American Taxpayer for these kinds of tax breaks, and leave them holding the bag when things don't work out. Think of the taxpayers of Port Lucie, FL, and the STATE of FL left holding a very expensive bag for digital tomain. It's just like republikans to want something for nothing---and bear no responsibility. Shame on them.

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