Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The Ongoing High Wire Act

From TheWrap:

"Rise of the Guardians" is projected to lose $50 million for DreamWorks Animation, an executive with knowledge of the movie's projections told TheWrap.

The company's stock hit a 52-week low on Monday, but closed Tuesday up slightly at $16.52.

A spokeswoman for DreamWorks Animation declined to comment on the projected loss for "Rise of the Guardians." ...

"What we take from this 'Guardians' experience is that where once there was an implied domestic box-office floor on a movie from the company, particularly in the 3D era, of $150 million, that is no longer the case," he wrote. "Also clearly no longer the case is the mantra that the lack of competing animated titles will automatically grant a movie clear box office sailing." ...

Here's the deal: There is never a "floor" for a movie, animated CG feature or otherwise. If people want to see it, they will. If not, not.

There may be some sort of built-in audience for a sequel, since that has tended to be the historical norm. But if a given motion picture fails to deliver what ticket buyers seek, the ticket buyers stay away.

It's that simple.

Rise of the Guardians has much to recommend it, but holiday-themed pictures can often be dicey propositions. As it was wth Chris Meledandri's Hop, so might it be with Guardians. (As one artist said to me last week: I think maybe films about Santa have worn out their welcome.")


Gary Locke said...

i think it was just UGLY...who wants to see ugly? except for shrek....but at least shrek was well designed---this movie had ugly everywhere.

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