Monday, December 03, 2012

Ralph Hulett's Christmas, day 4

Yet another of Hulett's Siamese cat cards (of which there were several.)

This card is from the fifties, but it isn't inspired by Lady and the Tramp (on which Hulett worked.) The Hulett family had a couple of Siamese cats as pets, which is where these designs come from.


Heather Moll-Dunn said...
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Heather Moll-Dunn said...

Thank you for posting the Ralph Hulett cards. I have enjoyed looking back through each one of the years and greatly admire the artwork. A few of the blog's headlines caught my eye as well and I have read several articles not related to the Christmas card art. I have a new appreciation for the people and struggles behind the animation the public sees. Thank you for that work as well! Best wishes.

Tom Ruegger said...

one of the greatest cat images ever. Thanks for sharing!

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