Friday, December 07, 2012

Of Subsidies and Rebates

Even as they raise taxes and chop benefits for everybody else, governments around the globe continue to shower goodies on the movie business:

Tax breaks for qualifying high-end U.K. TV drama and animation will mean a rebate of up to 25% for producers.

Draft legislation is expected next week as the details were confirmed in Blighty's mini budget ...

In our fine, corporatist culture, there are generous subsidies for qualifying entertainment conglomerates, even as the rest of humanity has to tighten its belt.

Lower benefits? Calls for "sacrifice"? Not if you are among the Chosen Few. Then it's moolah as far as the eye can see.

Of course, the spigot can always be cranked shut as quickly as it's turned on. All it takes is for another political party to be voted in, and some angry demonstrations in the streets. But the results will be inevitable. The studios getting the bennies will pick up their toys and move to the next locality that is offering big bucks to open up shop.

Trust me, it will happen. And then it will happen again.


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