Saturday, December 01, 2012

Big Stop Motion

ParaNorman was not a small production.

... The feature film took two years to complete and is the biggest stopmotion 3D animated film ever produced, employing 320 designers, artists, and animators who worked on 52 separate shooting units. It’s also one of the 21 animated films that qualify for the 2012-13 Oscar race, an exceptionally long list of toons that will result in five nominations for only the fourth time since the category’s debut. ...

I'd wager that ParaNorman will land a nomination but not the Little Gold Man himself. For some reason, I think that one of the candidates from our fine, entertainment conglomerates likely have the edge in the contest.

I've never gotten why stop motion features perform less well at the box office than CGI animated features. But then, I've scratched my head why hand-drawn features don't do better at the world's ticket turnstiles.

I just haven't moved with the times.


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