Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cash Flow!

Conglomerates adapt to new delivery systems. Sadly, the little silver disk -- with its tall margins -- didn't last forever.

... Starting this spring, a variety of titles from Cartoon Network and Adult Swim will become available to subscribers [on Netflix], while a deal with Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. will bring seasons one and two of TNT's "Dallas" reboot to the streaming service in January 2014. ...

Our fine conglomerates have had to rejigger things as profit geysers they liked (DVDs and BluRay disks) have declined, giving way to delivery systems over the internet. (These mainly have smaller profits, so of course they don't like them much.)

But businesses don't always have big choices in the matter. Technical change happens, and they have to deal with it. Studios didn't like sound films in the 1920s, either. But they adapted.


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