Thursday, January 17, 2013

More Hollywood Players Plunge Into Global Animation

The former head of Fox, he likes the sub-continent.

Peter Chernin's investment arm, CA Media, is leaping into the business of super heroes and animated goddesses from India.

The company announced Thursday that it had acquired a minority stake in Graphic India, a year-old comic book and animation company ...

Graphic India was launched last year by India-based media entrepreneurs. ... It was a subsidiary of U.S. comic book company Liquid Comics, but now Graphic India will be jointly owned by Liquid Comics and the Chernin Group's CA Media. ...

Lessee. What's the hotter parts of the entertainment industry? Why, Super Heroes and Animation!

Peter Chernin is one of the savvier movie execs of the past couple decades, and he no doubt knows a buy when he sees one. Outside of Brad Bird's The Incredibles and the Fleischer Superman cartoons, there has not been a lot of super hero animation for the large screen. Perhaps Mr. Chernin intends to rectify that.


Jamil R. Lahham said...

Dreamworks did super hero, and Disney is about to put another one out ..I think he's a bit late

Steve Hulett said...

Oh yeah. MegaMind. How could I forget?

But MM was an original. I think Chernin has adapted super heroes from the comic universe in mind.

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