Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hulett Bloviates -- Part I

A few days ago I was interviewed by an academic from UC Santa Barbera. He wanted to know about unions in Hollywood and the union movement in general, and I told him.

You can hear me expound at windy length below.

Steve Hulett Interviewed

(The reason I put this up is I am always scrounging for blog posts and this was an easy scrounge. The academic -- a very nice gentleman named named Ryan Fuller who is completing a PhD in communications -- sent me the recording.)


Floyd Norman said...

That's great, Steve!

I'm from Santa Barbara and my dad attended US Santa Barbara as well. I took a few classes, but then realized I didn't need an education in order to work for Disney.

Steve Hulett said...

Thanks, Floyd. It was an interesting interview, and we're always in need of blog fodder.

So there you are.

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