Monday, January 28, 2013

How old are we?

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Joel Fletcher said:

I would like to see a graph or pie chart of the working members, at guild shops... broken down into 10 year age groups.

Ask and you shall receive ...


Justin said...

For comparison with census data in 2010 there were 185,209,998 people ages 20-64. Here is the breakdown by age:

20-29: 23.05%
30-39: 21.67%
40-49: 23.54%
50-59: 22.66%
60-64: 9.08%

Joel Fletcher said...

Thanks for posting these stats, Jeff. This is the first time I have seen empirical data on this subject. It is useful, meaningful information. Make of it what you will.

Justin said...

Here is the breakdown adjusted for participation rate (e.g. only 55.2% of people aged 60-64 and 22.6% of people aged 65+ are employed while 83.2% of people aged 35-39 are working)

20-29: 21.46%
30-39: 21.74%
40-49: 23.46%
50-59: 21.30%
60+: 12.04%

Steve Hulett said...

My observations (admittedly anecdotal) are that older members have problems finding employment because

A) Most of their job-support network (usually slightly older artists who they have worked with for years) are retired.

B) Executives -- mostly younger -- tend to tilt in favor of younger artists.

TotalD said...

55 working nonunion.

Unknown said...

Bottom line: Don't tell anyone how old you are and don't tell anyone that you have a family. The last guild show I worked on everyone with a family was not asked to return for the second season. And that was the majority of the people who were let go. No warning. No reason.
But the three artists with families were let go for younger fresh faced artists who didn't. Maybe its something about having a valid excuse to not work free overtime....

Either way, keep your mouth shut about your age and family.

Unknown said...

The best advice is to not let anyone know your age or that you have a family.

The last union show I worked on didn't ask anyone back to the second season who had a family. They were all replaced with younger fresh faced talent. No reason was given.

Maybe it has to do with having a valid reason to not work free overtime or something like that - even though we all worked the extra hours to make stuff the best it can be.

Either way, the majority of artists not asked to return had families. So don't tell anyone your age or that you have kids. Its just a reason for them to ditch you for a kid out of school.

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