Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Foxy Animation

Hey, better one t.v. network interested in animation than none at all.

Fox will launch Animation Domination High-Def, a late-night offshoot of its Sunday night Animation Domination comedy block, on July 27, the network said. ...

During a panel on the new animation block on Tuesday, Animation Domination High-Def head Nick Weidenfeld, formerly the head of development for the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, said that the block will provide a forum for "experimental and more interesting forms of animation." He also noted that it's possible that some of the projects could end up transitioning to the network's primetime Animation Domination block. ...

And we, of course, hope that much of this work will benefit from union representation. But hey. Whether it is or not, it's good that Fox is adding more animation to their entertainment mix.

Now let's see ABC, NBC, CBS and various cable networks step up to the plate. There's talent aplenty out there, and it needs more platforms on which to strut its stuff.


ChilltownTV said...

I hope more cable networks step up to the plate! I'm not only a huge fan, but also an indie animator (just launched my first cartoon web series.)

Would love to have a wider platform for my work as well as see other cool creator's work get more recognition.

Leesa Dean

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