Sunday, February 24, 2013

Best Animated Feature

... turns out to be Brave.

Could have fooled me.

Happy to see that Brenda C. upon the stage for her Oscar.


Matt said...
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Matt said...

A Pixar movie winning a best animated feature Oscar? Now there's a shocker.

Steve Hulett said...

I was hoping a union feature would get it, but ... oh well.

I'm happy for Brenda Chapman, and I'm happy she was there to speak as she received her Oscar.

Mesterius said...

Nooooo!... What about Wreck-It-Ralph? Paranorman? Seriously, both of those deserved winning more than Brave did.

Dan Siciliano said...

Ladies and gentlemen...Disney may have broken their animated short curse but now another evil spell has dominated the Mouse House. But, call me a fool...I'm glad and surprised "Brave" won. Not only did, I think, the Academy voted on it because of it's beautiful animation (Merida's hair. . . whocka, whocka!) but I think they wanted to vote on a movie that has a female protagonist. Come to think of it...I think "Brave" is considered the "Shakespeare in Love" of animated movies while I compare "Wreck-It Ralph" to "Saving Private Ryan". Boo me if you think I'm crazy. Anyway, congrats to Mark and Brenda!

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