Sunday, February 17, 2013

Your International B.O.

Big Bruce is Numero Uno, but Wreck-It Ralph is no slouch.

... 20th Century Fox’s A Good Day To Die Hard easily captured the No. 1 box office spot overseas, grossing $61.5 million – the year’s biggest foreign opening tally thus far – at 9,595 locations in 63 markets, and moving its early foreign cume to $80.1 million. ...

Ranking No. 2 in second round in the U.K. was Disney’s animation title Wreck-It Ralph, which grossed an estimated $6 million in the market at 549 locations. That propelled the total weekend take to $11.5 in 68 territories. Ralph has now crossed the $400-million mark in worldwide box office ($411.2 million), and has tallied an international cume of $225.6 million. ...

Challenging Django Unchained for the No. 1 slot in France was Sony Animation’s Hotel Transylvania, which has resurfaced late in its foreign run (begun Sept. 27). Openings in France ($3.17 million at 588 spots) and in French-speaking Switzerland generated a total of $3.8 million from some 620 spots, moving the animation title’s offshore cume to $184.3 million.

...[And then there is] DreamWorks/Paramount’s Rise of the Guardians, $200.3 million; Universal’s Ted, $316.6 million ...

A week ago a DreamWorks artist said that animated features just weren't pulling the grosses they were a couple of years ago. I responded that it depended on the feature. I mean, one DWA under-performer doesn't mark a trend. And certainly Sony's most recent feature has out-performed other movies from the Sony Pictures Imageworks stable.

Worldwide Box Office

Hotel Transylvania (Sony) -- $332,451,975
Rise of the Guardians (DWA) -- $301,669,000
Wreck-It Ralph (Disney) -- $411,145,000

Compare these totals with the preceding releases from Disney/Pixar, DreamWorks Animation, and Sony:

Arthur Christmas(Sony) -- $147,419,472
Brave -- $535,383,207
Madagascare 3: Europe's Most Wanted -- $742,110,251

Squint your eyes, and I guess you could argue a lowering trendline, yet I'd still argue that it's the individual movie to which audiences respond. Wreck-it Ralph is still unspooling overseas, and it grossed 185.5 million domestically.


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