Sunday, February 10, 2013

Foreign Dog Race

The animation takes a back seat to the live-action.

While Sony’s Django Unchained remained No. 1 overseas for the fourth consecutive weekend, the highlight of a sluggish session on the foreign theatrical circuit was the limited introduction of 20th Century Fox’s release of A Good Day To Die Hard. ...

[T]he fifth installment of action franchise starring Bruce Willis opened over the weekend in just seven Asian markets, and drew $10.1 million at 1,102 locations for a per-screen average of over $9,000. ...

Overseas, Wreck-It Ralph has now climbed to $207,500,000 (52.9% of its world total) while Rise of the Guardians has earned $197,300,000 in foreign lands (66.2% of everything.)

Guardians should crack $300 million in the next several days.


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