Saturday, February 16, 2013

Your American (and Canadian) Box Office

A new weekend, a new group of movies collecting coin.

Over the past two days at the box office, Safe Haven at $16 million has slightly outgrossed A Good Day to Die Hard’s $15.5 million. The $28 million Relativity romance topped the chart on Valentine’s Day with $8.8 million, while Fox’s fifth Die Hard, which was financed for $92 million, earned $8.2 million. On Friday, the two films swapped places, though they each earned about $7.2 million, putting them each on pace for $27 million four-day weekends and about $35 million after five days. ...

Escape From Planet Earth the Weinstein brothers' animated feature which is mired in litigation, hasn't gotten many media ad buys but it's in a hell of a lot of theatres (and I have seen a lot of trailers for it at my local Bijou). the picture clings to the fourth rung of the Box Office Ten.

Friday Box Office

1) A Good Day to Die Hard -- $7,225,000
2) Safe Haven -- $7,150,000
3) Identity Thief -- $6,500,000
4) Escape from Planet Earth -- $3,702,000
5) Warm Bodies -- $2,600,000 ...

Add On:

A Good Day to Die Hard opened in first place over Presidents Day weekend, though it was overshadowed to some extent by strong runner-up performances from Safe Haven and Escape From Planet Earth. Meanwhile, Beautiful Creatures was such a huge miss that it could temporarily quell the post-Twilight young adult adaptation craze.

For the four-day holiday weekend, the Top 12 grossed an estimated $143.5 million, which is off around 16 percent from the same period last year. Overall, the month of February is on pace to wind up significantly off from last year's record-setting $818.2 million gross. ...


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