Friday, February 22, 2013

Say What?

Wouldn't this be filed under "Old News?"

... FOX dedicates two and half hours of primetime to animated shows. Adult Swim has created an entire channel built almost entirely on animated shows for viewers 18-35. Seth McFarlane, a writer and producer famous exclusively for voice work and animated programs, is hosting the Oscars this weekend.

All this being said, variations on the phrase “animation is for children” or “I’m too old for an animated show” are still common in the conversations of viewers across the television landscape. I would hope most college age readers of this column know better ...

I'd think that the above has been obvious for awhile.

Still in all, most conglomerates not named "News Corp." continue to shy away from prime time animation, though all have jumped into theatrical animation to a greater or lesser extent.

I think that many companies are catching onto the fact that CGI is a must in the theatrical realm, but not necessarily useful on television. CG shows don't perform better than hand-drawn shows, and some corporations have caught on to this. And it's a reason not to do CG tv shows, since they're more expensive, and ratings are not goosed.

Whether this will change over time, I do not know.


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