Tuesday, February 26, 2013


The Big Boys have at last launched their anti-piracy internet warning system.

The entertainment’s industry new piracy warnings to computer users started flowing Monday as the industry and internet service providers finally launched their long-promised Copyright Alert System.

Announced in 2011 and originally set to begin by the end of 2012, the alert system is an effort by the movie, TV and recording industries and major cable providers to move much more swiftly to issue warnings whenever copyright owners discover that an account is being used to access or download pirated content. ...

Announced in 2011. These folks don't like to leap into anything too rapidly, do they?

Of course, trying to get new anti piracy laws through congress kind of blew up in Hollywood's face last year, as newer industries (Google, anyone?) had the leverage to stop old media's wish-list in its tracks.

This is a good step in the ongoing fight to protect copyright, but don't anybody kid themselves. The problem won't be solved by notices. Maybe, however, it will put a dent in the internet traffic.

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Chris Sobieniak said...

Probably wouldn't, someone's always going to find a way.

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