Sunday, February 24, 2013

Overseas Derby

While Bruce remains atop the b.o. heap at number one, there is this:

Wreck-It Ralph ... generated $8 million this past weekend on the foreign circuit, lifting the film’s foreign cume to $241.5 million and the worldwide total to $428.2 million.

As for other foreign and worldwide grosses:

Foreign/Worldwide Grosses
Ted -- $321 million/$539.8 million
Wreck-It Ralph -- $241.5 million/$428.2 million
Rise of the Guardians -- $200.3 million/$302.3 million


Anonymous said...

Is the studio satisfied with Wreck-It Ralph's box office returns?

Because it hasn't grossed as much as Tangled.

Steve Hulett said...

You'd have to ask Bob, Ed and John.

I would expect they're pleased, but there is always a desire for more ... more ... MORE!

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