Saturday, February 09, 2013

Weekend Horse Races

And animated movies are out of the running.

1. Identity Thief (Universal) NEW [Runs 3,141]
Friday $11.2M, Saturday $15M, Weekend $36M

2. Warm Bodies (Summit/Lionsgate) Week 2 [3,009]
Friday $3.2M, Saturday $5.1M, Weekend $11.4M, Cume $34.1M

3. Side Effects (Open Road) NEW [Runs 2,605]
Friday $2.8M, Saturday $4.2M, Weekend $9.5M

4. Silver Linings Playbook (Weinstein) Week 13 [Runs 2,809]
Friday $1.6M, Weekend $5.8M, Cume $88.9M

5. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (Paramount) Week 3 [Runs 3,285]
Friday $1.3M, Weekend $4.8M, Cume $42.9M

6. Mama (Universal) Week 4 [Runs 2,677]
Friday $1.1M, Weekend $4.0M, Cume $63.7M

7. Zero Dark Thirty (Annapurna/Sony) Week 7 [Runs 2,871]
Friday $975K, Weekend $3.5M, Cume $83.1M

8. Argo (Warner Bros) Week 18 [Runs 1,405]
Friday $565K, Weekend $2.0M, Cume $123.2M

9. Django Unchained (Weinstein) Week 7 [Runs 1,502]
Friday $560M, Weekend $2.1M, Cume $154.3M

10. Top Gun 3D IMAX (Paramount) [Runs 300]
Friday $535K, Weekend $2.0M ...

Wreck-It Ralph has glommed on to $183,348,715 in the U.S. and Canada (48.7% of its world wide gross), while Rise of the Guardians has accumulated $100,611,624 (33.8% of its global totals.)

And it's nice to see a Bruckheimer=Simpson production back in the Top Ten. 3-D lives!

Add On: Wreck-It Ralph had a near 80% uptick for the weekend, collecting over a million dollars as it climbed from 22nd to 18th place. Being a front runner for a little gold man certainly helps, don't you think?


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