Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Searching For a Home

... and hoping for a deal.

"Coraline" director Henry Selick is going ahead with his latest animated project, The Shadow King, despite Disney dropping it.

Disney abandoned "The Shadow King" last year despite investing $50m in it, and Selick now aims to pick up a distribution deal at the European film market at the Berlin film festival, according to the Hollywood Reporter. ...

When The Shadow King was underway at Cinderbiter in San Francisco, I hopped up there to see how the shoot was going. The place was hopping, with designers, board artists, set makers and animators. Big enclosed spaces held lots of humming activity.

At the time, there was no hint that Disney was displeased or anything was amiss. From all appearances a full year of production stretched out ahead, and IA rep Steve Aredas and I were meeting with crew and setting people up in the TAG 401(k) Plan.

Then Disney's new head of production pulled the plug, and that was that.

Here's hoping that Mr. Selick can find a new home for his movie ... and his studio.


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