Thursday, April 30, 2015

401(k) Stats

(Kind of a narrowcast):

The Animation Guild 401(k) Plan is celebrating its 20th birthday, and has reached robust adulthood. The stats:

* Total Plan assets: $235,742,099

* Average balance: $93,585

* Total contributions in 2014: $7,715,289

* Total number of Plan participants: 2,519

* 88% of assets reside in Target Date Funds.

TAG 401(k) got started during the term of President Sito, who circulated a petition at Diz Co. in the mid '90s asking for a cartoonist pension plan to aid and abet the half-century old Motion Picture Industry Pension and Health Plan.

To many's surprise, CEO Michael Eisner said "okay," and we were launched on a journey that's taken a small, weak-kneed supplemental pension to almost a quarter billion dollars.


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