Thursday, April 16, 2015

Why Not "Popeye"?

Via Animation Scoop.

... Genndy yesterday where he made it clear that he is concerned that if the studio doesn't move forward with Popeye that our commitment to animation and to him is not strong. He feels that his original ideas will never get made because of marketing concerns etc. His view is that Popeye is well known and loved around the world and his version will be modern in attitude, dialogue, comedy and action but the physical world should be timeless. The kids in the focus group were strong and worrying about a general audience who rarely attend animated features is misguided. ...

No Sony artists I talked to had sterling things to say about former SPA chief Bob Osher. No doubt he loved his family, but Mr. Osher was viewed as an apple polisher too focused on protecting territory and face.

As previously stated, Popeye might not be dead but it is in hibernation. The story, as of a couple months ago hadn't quite come together, which isn't necessarily a big deal. Many animated hits start out as disorganized messes, so there's no reason the sailor man can't rise from the stormy depths like others before it and become an unalloyed hit..

Whether he will or not depends on Genndy, the story artists, and the new management.


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