Wednesday, April 29, 2015

High End Animation

... for the Stream Video on Demand. So says a trade paper.

Netflix is taking on a Dr. Seuss classic for its biggest original children’s series bet to date, giving 13-episode order to Green Eggs and Ham from executive producers Jared Stern, Ellen DeGeneres, Jeff Kleeman, Mike Karz, David Dobkin and Warner Bros. Animation. Wreck-It-Ralph scribe Stern, who is working on The Lego Movie sequel, is writing the adaptation.

It will take three years to make the series — production is slated to begin in May for a 2018 premiere. I hear the project, netflixdistributed by Warner Bros. TV, is expected to be the highest-end, most expensive animated program ever produced for television. ...

Netflix is placing sizable wagers with a variety of L.A. animation studios. I recently talked to a Cartoon exec who knows something about Netflix interaction with Tinsel Town suppliers, who told me:

Netflix holds things pretty close to its vest. They don't share performance information about their different shows, thought they drop hints. They're not chained to ratings, but if a show isn't meeting their expectations, they stop making the show. ...

If Netflix is putting the kind of money into Green Eggs and Ham that "Deadline" says it is, the company expects it to be successful, yes?


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