Sunday, April 26, 2015

Time-Warner Strikes Back

Diz Co. has had a lot of the girl market to itself, cashing in with Frozen in theaters and Sofia the First on TV. Our other fine, entertainment conglomerates have been slow to respond, but Warner Bros. is not, apparently, taking the Mouse's cornering of the young female market in a recumbent position any longer.

... Time Warner-owned companies announced they would launch a new slate of animated features, books, apparel and toys for girls 6 to 12.

Dubbed DC Super Hero Girls, the brand will feature the publisher's female characters—including Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl—portrayed as teenagers who are still learning to master their superpowers and crime-fighting skills.

Our question is: What took the WB so long? ...

The conglom has had a plethora of women in capes and Spandex in their "copyrighted material" folder for a long time, but Warners also has a long record of letting others blaze new commercial trails.

As I write, Disney is gearing up to release Avengers: the Age of Ultron across the fruited plain. This weekend, Ultron pulled down over $200 million overseas, and all signs point to a boffo opening domestically.

All the commercial Whoop Dee Doo on the other side of Burbank has (at last) caused Warners to stir out of its self-induced coma. Somebody in the executives suites has noted that Time-Warner owns this conglomeration of super heroes called "The Justice League" so hey! If the Walt Disney Company can open its own mint with a comic book franchise, T-W can do the same, right?

You bet they can. But Diz Co. has a long head start out of the blocks. And it's not enough that Warners' movies with caped crusaders get made, they must also be good.


Grant said...

Yet another studio falls for the sheryl sandberg propaganda b.s.

That said, it's nice to see WB do SOMETHING with their DC line. Making them all Disney princessess is not the answer, though.

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