Thursday, April 02, 2015


There's really nothing to say ...

Yeah, it's a goof, but with all the Disney sequels floating around, the possibility (threat?) is all too real.

H/t Animation Scoop.

Add On: As I mention below, Diz Co. appears to be re-thinking their Toons unit. Several years ago Disney re-purposed the building next to Disney TV Animation (Glendale), turning it into a very nice facility physically patterned after Pixar (Emeryville). For a long while they made a string of Tinkerbell CG features that were produced in India.

Rich Ross (briefly the chairman of the Disney studio) cut back the number of Tink feaures, but Mr. Ross was shoved overboard in 2012, John Lasseter exerted full control of the division, and seven Tinkerbell adventures were produced.

After that, Mr. Lasseter cranked up the Planes features, the first of which did moderately well at the theatrical box office, but the second one, in all its wide-screen splendor, tanked. Multiple waves of Toons layoffs soon followed, and today "Pixar South" houses feature employees who have been moved out of the Hat Building on Riverside while it's remodeled.

So. Will Disney Toons Studios rise from its current mound of ashes? Your guess is as good as mine.


Unknown said...

That's almost funny.

N/A said...

By the way, what's going on with Disneytoon studios? Are they still in business now that the Tinkerbell movies are over?

Steve Hulett said...

DisneyToon Studios, as of now, is pretty well kaput. The building on Sonora is very nice, with a Pixaresque lobby, but the space is being used for units of Walt Diseny Animation Studios.

When Planes II under-performced, layoffs at Toon started happening in earnest. Most everybody under the Toons banner is gone.

Sorry to relate the bad news, but that's what's going on.

N/A said...

I didn't realize things were so bad at Disneytoon. So, they have no new projects in development at all? Is it possible they're going to shut it down?

Steve Hulett said...

I don't think the division is shut down, but I don't know of much active development going on.

But I get around so little. ...

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