Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Blue Ribbon

Te Reporter reports:

Warner Bros. is getting its digital series production unit Blue Ribbon Content (BRC) rolling.

The studio, which was founded last year with a mandate to develop and produce new live-action shortform and animated programming for digital and virtual reality platforms, announced a number of key executive appointments that will form its creative team.

Warner Bros. Animation’s (WBA) Peter Girardi is adding responsibility for creative affairs at BRC in a new role as senior vice president of creative affairs at WBA and BRC. He will spearhead the development of all new programming for the digital studio, and will also oversee all creative matters for BRC’s existing shows and alternative projects. ...

BRC’s current series orders overseen by Girardi include ... the animated Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles for Machinima; the animated Vixen for CW Seed, the digital-only studio of The CW Network; and the Batman: The Animated Series virtual reality experience, being produced in conjunction with OTOY Inc. ...

The last couple of days I've told Warners and Disney animation staffers that I've never seen the television side of the crtoon industry as busy as it is now. There are prime time series, Video on Demand series, cable series, and old-fashioned broadcast stuff.

Time-Warner now has three animation units going: Warner Animation Group (WAG), Warner Bros. Animation, and now Blue Ribbon Content. This is as big a commitment to the art form the WB has ever made.


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