Friday, April 17, 2015

Hackery Revisited

So ... maybe a bunny rabbit picture?

Sony Pictures may be making a "Peter Rabbit" feature film, according to a series of leaked emails from the Sony Pictures hack published by Wikileaks.

The email discussions took place late last year and in 2013, however, some plans for the film may have changed since then.

The film, as detailed in the emails, would be a mixture of animation and live-action. It'd be based on Beatrix Potter's children's book character, Peter Rabbit. The antagonists of the film would be the human McGregor family. Sony's emails say the company was able to "make a deal" for the film back in November 2013. ...

So I never heard about Potter from any Sony Pictures Animation staff, but I never saw anybody working on it.

Another of those embryonic brain waves that never grew into twin fetuses of script and storyboards. But if Sony now holds the rights, somebody might well take a crack at it.

One hundred and fifty million books in thirty-five languages is nothing to sneeze at. And it means there are 150 million potential eyeballs attached to brains that know the property.


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