Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Around the Studios ...

DreamWorks Animation TV (or DreamWorks TV Animation, I'm not sure which) today held a "creative update" at the Alex Theater on brand Blvd. for its growing staff.

(Side note: DWA TV is now a wee bit cramped at its Central Avenue site; staffers for one of the newer shows has located to the Riverside Building on the main Flower Street campus.) ...

Speaking of the feature studio: DWA announced earlier today that Jason Reitman will be directing an animated feature, making him the second live-action director* to helm an animated feature on the campus.

Disney Television Animation has at least three unannounced projects in work. I keep running across them as I walk around the studio(s). No point in saying more about them here; it'll just get me a brusque and businesslike phone call from middle management, which will send me into a sad funk. DTVA has also filled up empty cubicles at the Yahoo building and

Ed Catmull and John Lasseter held a production update on a Disney soundstage for the feature staff (there's lots of informational screenings/meetings happening in the East San Fernando Valley, aren't there?)

As earlier noted, just about all the TV animation studios continue to expand and add staff. And other feature development work is being done at

1) Warner Bros. main lot with the Warner Animation Group.

2) Sony Pictures Animation in Culver City ... located at the Sony ImageWorks campus.

3) Paramount Animation at Paramount Studios in Hollywood.**

* Rob Minkoff ("Stuart Little") was the first.

** One of these days when I've got the time, I will do another detailed breakdown of specific shows and features happening in L.A. County.


N/A said...
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Anonymous said...

It was just announced at a Disney Expo in Brazil that there's a Tangled TV series in the works for Disney Jr. Do you know if it's going to be a musical show like Sofia the First, for example?

Steve Hulett said...

The company tells me it has released NO information about a Tangled TV series. Only thing I could find was a fan site run by a twenty-year-old that referenced something about "Rapunzel."

Not too official, you ask me.

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