Friday, May 08, 2015


A couple of months back, Rubicon Group Holdings (RGH) an animation company in the West San Fernando Valley, wasn't paying staff, and many of the artists were, for some reason, angry and upset. (Hard to believe, but there it is.) Some of these artists contacted us and we gave our usual advice: "Why work for a company for free when you can work at home for yourself for free? And do it in your jammies."

But now a trade publication says everything is all better:

RGH Entertainment, which only a few months ago was having trouble meeting its payroll, is back on its feet. It’s paid all of its current and former employees the wages they were owed, reinstated its health plan, and is promising to pay bonuses for the payroll delays. The company, which is producing Paul McCartney’s animated feature High In The Clouds, is also at the forefront in of a breakthrough in the way 3D entertainment will be experienced in the future. ...

TAG blog sincerely hopes that this new report of employees being made whole and that sunlight and flowers are now happening for RGH employees.

There have been a number of other companies over the years that haven't paid their artists, writers and technicians in a timely way. Every time it happens, we tell people to push back from their computers and walk out the door, because that's the best way to get a company's attention. (And the company's not paying you anyway, so what does it hurt?)


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