Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Deep in the Balance Sheet

It's good to remember that for Team Mouse, it all started with cartoons. And continues that way.

“Frozen” continues to keep Walt Disney Co. smoking hot more than a year after its release.

With a much stronger supply chain in place than a year ago, sales of “Frozen” merchandise so far in 2015 are more than 10 times as high as during the same period in 2014, Chief Operating Officer Tom Staggs said on a call with Wall Street analysts Tuesday. ...

There was $2.1 million of net income, 10% better tha the first quarter last year. Revenues were $12.5 billion, ahead of analysts' projections.

For stock owners, now that the company is trading above $110 per share, they probably wonder how high it can go. And when it will split.


Unknown said...

And the LONG wait for Moana continues.........

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