Sunday, May 10, 2015

International Movie Ticket Sales

Superheroes and heroes in cars dominate the globe. Disney has a lot of movies on the list, but so do a number of fine, entertainment conglomerates.


Avengers 2 -- $68,300,000 -- ($875,258,469)

Furious 7 -- $19,600,000 -- ($1,466,419,955)

Home -- $6,000,000 -- ($342,115,942)

Cinderella -- $4,000,000 -- ($513,066,419) ...

As the trades report:

... “[Avengers]: Age of Ultron” brought in another $68 million from overseas this weekend, raising its international total to $562 million, roughly 20 percent ahead of “The Avengers” at a similar stage, and its global total to $875 million. Foreign returns now comprise roughly 70 percent of most blockbusters’ worldwide grosses, so that makes it probable the superhero sequel will eventually top the $1.5 billion ...

And Home is now pulling down more in foreign venues than it is in the U.S. of A., although world box office receipts break down roughly 50/50. We assume this is happening because Home is American-oriented, and those animated features perform less well overseas.


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