Sunday, May 17, 2015

International Ticket Tally

The weekend grosses beyond our shores:

Weekend Foreign Box Office -- (World Totals)

Avengers 2 -- $185,000,000 -- ($1,142,507,808)

Mad Max -- $65,000,000 -- ($109,400,000)

Home -- $4,500,000 -- ($351,146,942)

Cinderella -- $3,300,000 -- ($521,027,551)

The trade press tells us:

... Mad Max grossed an estimated $65M in 68 overseas markets for a global total of $109.4M; it performed especially well in action-loving bases. ... After blasting off in China last Tuesday, Avengers: Age Of Ultron packed houses to a six-day estimate of $156.3M. It’s the best Middle Kingdom debut ever for Disney/Marvel. ...

Furious 7 reached the checkered flag in China on Tuesday after racing to an historic $390.5M cume. ... Home landed the No. 2 slot in Venezuela at $1.5M on 91 screens. In total, the DreamWorks Animation release from Fox added $4.6M bringing the offshore haul to $185.6M. ...

Disney’s Cinderella continues to clean up in Japan where it was off just 2% for a local cume of $33.7M. ... [It takes] the offshore total to $323.8M and the overall box office to $521.03M. ...


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