Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Cable Thing

From the usual brag sheet.

... Cartoon Network charted year-over-year double-digit delivery gains among all key kids between 13%-19%.

Cartoon Network was television's #1 destination for all key kids and boys on Thursday Night. All Thursday Night premieres – Clarence (5 pm), Steven Universe (5:30 pm), Teen Titans Go! (6p) and Adventure Time (7:30p) – grew by double and triple digits across all key demos, and most ranked #1 in their respective timeslots across kids 2-11, 6-11 and all key boys. ...

I visited Cartoon Network's Burbank animation studio today and its humming right along. Shows are being picked up for new seasons (mostly), and there is product in development.

It's the same across L.A.'s TV animation landscape. There are new series on cable and the web, from DreamWorks to Nickelodeon to Disney TVA. Just last week I was in the Mouse's television facility and noted TVA was deep into development of a show I had no clue was being made and has yet to be announced. As a board artist/director remarked to me this morning:

... I had a long dry spell a few years back, I didn't think the industry was ever going to recover. But now I don't have to freelance so much because I've got a staff job, and in eight weeks my Motion Picture Industry Health Coverage kicks in. Wages aren't as high as they were in the nineties, but I'm back working full time. Things could be worse. ...

There's a bigger talent pool now because every college in the country are pushing out animation majors, there rumors and lawsuits about wage collusion. On the other hand, there are a lot more jobs.


John Dorian said...

So what shows were renewed? Uncle Grandpa, Steven Universe, Regular Show, Adventure Time?

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