Monday, May 04, 2015

The Yellow Family Re-Ups

This will trigger a big, collective sigh of relief at Film Roman.

“The Simpsons” is coming back for two more seasons.

The pickup for seasons 27 and 28, announced by Fox on Monday, will bring the series to 625 episodes total. The animated show already holds the title as the longest-running scripted series in TV history.

Expressing his excitement, Homer Simpson quipped, “I’ve outlasted Letterman, Jon Stewart and ‘McDreamy,’ because I have something they don’t: a costly 200-donut-a-day addiction.” ...

Earlier today I was talking to a Simpsons director, who told me the crew still wasn't sure if the show would continue beyond a short, seven-episode 27th season.

Why a short season? Because, as Simpson artists have told me, there were seven "hold-over" episodes from the 26th season. It so happens that every year there are additional episodes in work before a full order for the subsequent season has happened. This occurs because Fox management likes to keep its powder dry and options open.

For the past couple of months, Simpson employees have been sweating out a negotiation between Fo and the voice actors on the show. Was the cast going to reach agreement on a new contract? Was it going to walk? Nobody knew.

But many were (understandably) uptight about it.

So now the clouds of confusion and worry have been lifted, and a full 27th season will get made, also a 28th. And all we have to say to the hard-working artists up on Hollywood Way is



Mesterius said...

"The animated show already holds the title as the longest-running scripted series in TV history."

It does?

Try this on for size: the classic anime series "Sazae-san". It has been running with new episodes on Japanese television almost every week since October 5, 1969.

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