Sunday, May 31, 2015

Box Office Predictions

First weekend grosses are always tricky to forecast, but all of the studio (and outside analysts) do it. Here's some of the crystal ball gazing being done for a couple of titles with lots of animation:

... Pixar Animation’s “Inside Out” is headed for a box-office opening of around $60 million when it debuts on June 19 for Disney, according to preliminary tracking. ... “Jurassic World” looks like more of a monster than initially thought, [it's] now poised for a $110 million opening. Universal’s marketing team is building momentum for the film, which was tracking at around $100 million just one week ago. ...

Personally, I would have thought that "Inside Out" would have been crowding against $100 million, and "Jurassic World" would be hovering closer to $60 million.

Clearly, I'm giving too much weight to originality and too little to computer-generated dinosaurs that frolic in a twenty-year-old tentpole.


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