Friday, May 01, 2015

Entertainment Conglomerate

... not named The Walt Disney Company.

... Warner Bros. is the largest global Film and TV studio, has been in first or second place in the international box office for 9 out of the last then years and moreover, it has been the number one home entertainment for 17 straight years ...

The stats which jump out here are the ones that show how BIG today's entertainment corporations are, but how the Top Dogs change over time.

Warner Bros. came into existence in 1923, and was a shoe-string operation until a gamble with sound motion pictures pushed it to the top of the heap. Thereafter, the studio had its share of ups and downs, but managed to remain a major production house decade after decade.

But even for all that, the fact that Time-Warner is a gigantic corporation and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer is little more than a nameplate on a big hotel owest as much to capricious fate as to bold, long-range strategies. Except for Disney*, every major studio has been swallowed up by other hungry corporations and is now part of multi-national conglomerates.

* Disney became huge the old-fashioned way: absorbing other companies that grew its bottom line.


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