Sunday, July 05, 2015

Animation in the Wider World

We know the domestic box office totals for animation; here's how receipts are shaping up overseas.


Terminator Genisys -- $74,000,000 -- ($129,655,404)

Jurassic World -- $42,000,000 -- ($1,385,067,275)

Minions -- $54,300,000 -- ($124,200,000)

Inside Out -- $18,600,000 -- ($363,460,932)

Ted 2 -- $8,800,000 -- ($94,311,050)

Avengers: Age of Ultron -- $6,500,000 -- ($1,383,499,252)

Minions, from Universal/Illumination Entertainment, is playing big in overseas markets but hasn't yet opened in the U.S. of A. The trailer U/IE is playing ahead of Inside Out is quite droll. Of course, they could have all the best gags crammed into the three-minute advertisement, but if it lures the crowds into the movie, what of it?

Deadline has its analysis of overseas box office:

... Year-on-year, looking at just the Top 3 films this week versus the Top 3 in the similar 2014 frame, grosses are up around 14%. In both the current and 2014 frames, the Top 3 pics were studio movies. Paramount has this week’s No. 1 title with Terminator: Genisys at $74M while it similarly was the weekend winner last year at this time when Transformers: Age Of Extinction added $96.6M in its 2nd frame.

Coming in at No. 2 this week, Minions added $54.3M while last year the No. 2 movie was also an animated affair with How To Train Your Dragon 2 swooping in on a $33.5M 4th frame. At No. 3 this go-round, Jurassic World chomped down on another $42M. Last year’s comparable session brought Maleficent’s entry into Japan which helped it score $19.4M and the 3rd place berth. ...


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