Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Robert Downey and Pinoke

We're still deep in the weeds in Sherman Oaks, doing our labor-company negotiations. But we ran across this:

... The Master and Inherent Vice writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson has taken on a rewrite job scripting Pinocchio for Warner Bros. and Team Downey. Robert Downey Jr has long been passionate about his take culled from the classic 1883 children’s book by Carlo Collodi. ...

Paul Thomas Anderson is usually directing features that get a lot of Academy Award nominations, so what he will do with Pinocchio might be interesting.

If Robert Downey is interested in doing this movie, who or what will he be playing in it? Geppetto? The Cricket? Stromboli? Inquiring minds want to know.


Stephen said...

I believe Downey is going to be Geppetto. I saw a video on this the other day.

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