Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Space Jam Deux?

That's the speculation, at any rate.

LeBron James has a new deal with Warner Bros., with the NBA superstar collaborating with the studio on potential TV, film and digital projects. ... Back in February of last year Warner Bros. filed for new “Space Jam” trademarks just last month.

Warner Bros. is at least keeping its options open for something new involving “Space Jam,” and LeBron James — who plays a well-reviewed supporting role in new comedy “Trainwreck,” which opened last week — is now in the fold for a variety of potential projects. ...

We suppose/predict two things:

1) Warner Bros. is definitely thinking about a Space Jam sequel, and

2) The next edition will have a CG Bugs, CG Daffy, and CG versions of all the other classic Warner characters.

The boys and girls in the executive suites will stay far away from hand-drawn characters. This isn't because execs hate hand-drawn animation, but because Looney Tunes: Back In Action, the SJ sequel that nobody talks about, made $68,514,844 worldwide.

And Back in Action's production costs, before prints and advertising, was $80 million.

Which is too bad. Because the animation, under the masterful supervision of Eric Goldberg, was excellent. But nobody came to theaters to see it. So my guess is, Warners won't be going down the hand-drawn road a third time.

So bank on Computer Generated Imagery. Because everyone knows that CGI is the entertainment road to riches.


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