Friday, July 03, 2015

The Friday Steeple Chase

Led by the malcontents inside Riley's head.

... In matinees right now, all three other films — Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out, Universal Pictures Jurassic World and Paramount Pictures’ Terminator: Genisys — are basically doubling their grosses from yesterday. But, Magic Mike is down about 1%. The male stripper film got an A- CinemaScore by showing those legs, but will it have legs at the box office? ...

Inside Out currently counts $216.05M heading into its third weekend. Jurassic World has $527.2M prior to its fourth frame. ...

If you look at comparable stats between Inside Out and Frozen, you can see that the new Disney/Pixar entry is a contender for Diz Co.'s Billion Dollar Club. Over the course of the next several months, we'll see if that happens.

The only reason that I/O doesn't sit at the top of the box office Top Ten is because of the marauding dinosaurs. (But it's always something, innit?)


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