Sunday, July 12, 2015

Your International B.O.

To the surprise of few (at this point) animation dominates.


Minions -- $124,300,000 -- ($395,702,285)

Terminator Genisys -- $47,300,000 -- ($224,817,741

Jurassic World -- $21,700,000 -- ($1,465,855,185)

Inside Out -- $19,100,000 -- ($435,438,304)

Ted 2 -- $12,400,000 -- ($124,776,345) ...

Minions, as Deadline points out, has been frolicking through foreign theaters for some time. But foreign flicks, like for instance India's Baahubali: The Beginning, have also made big debuts overseas.

So it's more than the output from American conglomerates that is driving foreign box office. China, India and a others are in the mix as well. But note: Animation, pure animation, is more than holding its own.

... Off of a $5.1M bow in Korea, Inside Out added $19.1M this frame which had it playing in 44 territories repping 48% of its international footprint. The offshore cume after its 4th frame is $151.8M. ...

It's clear that studios are doing well with cartoons. This might explain whh there were no requests for hand-backs in the recent negotiations. Would have been unseemly, what with all the money the conglomerates are raking in.


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