Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Shearer Returns

So the old cast is now intact on The Simpsons.

... Harry Shearer has agreed to return to The Simpsons fold after less than two months ago saying he quit the show when his contract negotiations broke down. It amounted to a virtual Twitter snit between Simpsons producers and Shearer, but now all is back to normal for Shearer to return to the show he’s been a key part of for 26 years as a slew of characters including Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders, Principal Skinner and many more. ...

This one I never got at all.

It's not like the voice cast has to put months of heavy work into voicing the characters. They come in, emote in front of the mics for X number of hours, and pick up the check. Their skills sets and time working are important and valuable to the show, but the job isn't a big time eater.

Maybe the whole thing was a negotiating ploy. THAT I understand.


Grant said...

Who cares? He gets millions to spend a few hours a month talking and sometimes working. He's EASILY replaceable at a much lower price. How about firing him and sharing some of those $14 million with the artists? What a self righteous wing nut corporate communist he is.

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